elf Essential Lipstick Swatches (On Lips)

I promised I’d do a collection video of all the elf Essential Lipsticks and swatches on lips for you from my recent elf haul, so here they are!

I had an amazing birthday week (almost 2 weeks ago now lol) and will have a video up soon where I talk all about it! We went out of town and had a lot of fun, and now I’m working my butt off to get ready to move! I can’t talk much about that yet, but I promise soon I’ll be able to talk about it more.

They are only $1 and you can order them online or go to Target. The 11 shades are:

Classy: Dupe for MAC Angel

 Link to these lipsticks on eyeslipface.com


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Summer Empties!

How many of you love going through other people’s bathrooms when you go to their house? This is kind of like that, but less creepy! I go through all of the products I’ve used up lately!


Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray

Dove Body wash- White Peach and Ginger

Sonia Kashuk Remove

Hask Keratin Protein Mask

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

Boots No 7 Foaming Oil Cleaner

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 55

Rimmel Stay Matte Transparent

Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes

Equate Pink Grapefruit Face Wipes (Garnier)

Equate Eye Makeup Remover Wipes (Neutrogena)

Bath & Body Works Lufa

Wet n Wild Nail Polish- White

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish- Green With Envy

Pixi Lash Booster Mascara

Dollar Shave Club $6 Package

BeautyBlender Beauty Cleanser

Garnier Shine Control Cleansing Gel

Rimmel Stay Matte- 004 Sandstorm


Do you LOVE watching Empties videos?! Leave me a comment if you’re as obsessed with them as I am!

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Freeman Beauty Pineapple Enzyme Mask- #FaceMaskFriday No. 1

Hey ladies! I’m so excited to finally start my #FaceMaskFriday series! I’ve been thinking about doing it for so long now, and I can’t be happier that I finally started!

I don’t know about you, but nothing relaxes me more from the long week than stripping out of my work clothes by the time I’m up the stairs, throwing on my oldest and most comforatable pajamas, pouring a (big) glass of wine, and slapping on a face mask! TBH, it’s usually accompanied by a obsessive amount of YouTube videos in front of my computer or on my phone while in the bath tub. My boyfriend plays his video games, I catch up on all my favorite YouTubers… it’s a win win.

This is the same mask I’ve been using for a minimum of 10 years, but probably closer to 15 years. My sister brought home a Christmas 3-pack from Rite Aid that had this one, the peel off cucumber one, and the mint clay one. We loved pulling the peel off ones off each other’s face, and used to try to cheat by applying the clay mask and blow drying our faces so we didn’t have to wait as long! (Don’t try that at home!)

Freeman makes a whole range of amazing masks, and I’ll be covering most (if not all) of them in the upcoming weeks.

You can buy the full size for $3.99, or a sample pack for $1.99. I see them go BOGO at Ulta about 3 times a year and take advantage of the sale to stock up and try new ones. You can also order from their website.

Pineapple Enzyme Mask- from their website:

This enzyme-activated exfoliating mask revitalizes and reveals your most radiant skin. Pineapple Extract and exfoliating AHAs clear away dulling skin cells and stimulate skin renewal. Skin is revived and refreshed. Perfect for normal to combination skin.

Directions: Massage gently onto damp skin. Rinse well. Use three or four times a week.”

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) helps remove dead skin cells, assists skin tone and skin texture. When you’re using an AHA, it’s really important to remember your sunscreen for the next few days!

Onto the video!

(SOOOOOOooo Sorry that this wasn’t able to be posted on Friday! I tried for the last 3 days to get YouTube to process my upload, but something was wrong with my Java plugin and it wouldn’t finish uploading!)

Next Friday (the 15th) is my birthday! Send me photos of you with a face mask on to make my day! @sarahlovescoffee on Instagram or @LipstickDupe everywhere else!

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July Favorites 2014

Holy crap it’s August 5th already! I’m sorry I’m almost a week late on these, hope you don’t mind too much!

But first, HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO MY BEST FRIEND! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since you got married in the redwoods! Congratulations dear! 

This month was a month of discovery for me. I bought a crap-ton of new things, and to my surprise loved A LOT of them! I’m a super picky person, and even more so when it comes to makeup. When something works for me, I’ll do/wear the same thing over and over and over and over again.  My boyfriend calls it my ability to loop- and I do it with songs to. I can easily listen to the same song on repeat all day.

ANYWAYS- July Favorites! I’m in an ultra peppy mood today! Woo!

List of products below, with 5 bonus favs at the bottom!

Maybelline Color Whisper- Cherry on top
Rimmel Show Off- Apocaliptic
elf Matte Lipstick- Rich Red
Jordana Easyliner for lips- Rock n’ Rose
elf Mineral Lipstick- Rich Raspberry
Naked Basics Palette
Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette
ecoTools Eyebrushes
elf Eyebrow kit- Ash
elf Studio Blush- Mellow Mauve
NYC Smooth Skin Matte Bronzer- Sunny
elf Studio HD Powder
elf Studio Complexion Brush
elf Studio Small Precision Brush
elf Studio Small Stipple Brush
Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Eyeliner- Black
Jordana Fabuliner BOLD- Black
elf Studio HD Lifting Concealer- Brightening (yellow)
NYC Smooth Skin Concealer- Medium
Revlon Brilliant Strength- 220 Provoke
St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer
Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Enzyme Mask
Papermate Inkjoy Quattro 1.0 M
Cambridge Daily Planner from WalMart- http://www.walmart.com/ip/Cambridge-Large-Daily-Planner/37115389
Game of Thrones

Extra 5 Favs!

1) THIS article for featuring LipstickDupe and marking the MOST traffic in a single day thus far! (Over 9,000 people came to LisptickDupe! ahhh!) If you were one of those people, HI! I’m Sarah and I love you! Stick around!

22 Drugstore Beauty Products that work

2) You guys! Thank you all for your love, support, shares, likes, & comments! I LOVE hearing from you!

3) This wine glass tumbler!

4) Zora, my ultra-sweet German Shepherd

5) These AMAZING chips from Fresh&Easy

Oh, @freshandeasy, you've done it again! Sal and malt vinegar!? Yes please!!!

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Muah! Hugs & kisses & I’ll talk to you soon!


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