New Beauty Room Tour!

Hello lovelies! I am SO HAPPY (but also a little nervous) to show you my new beauty room!

We moved at the beginning of the month and this is the first time we have rented a house instead of an apartment. We moved out of the Bay Area and into Central California, and everything is SO much cheaper here that for less than half our last rent we are renting a 3 bedroom house with a big yard for Zora. One of the bedrooms is our bedroom, one is Andrew’s office, and one is my office/beauty room and potentially also a guest room. Until kids come along, we don’t really need 3 bedrooms, but it sure is fun not to have to share my closet!

I have some furniture in here, but I’m thinking about a couch with a fold out bed and another table/desk, plus maybe a comfy chair? Why is decorating so hard!?

Okay, watch the video and see what you think. What should I put it in here?

So, what do you think?

I want to get a more ‘proper’ dog bed for Zora, now that her leg    is out of the cast we can maybe get her a raised one? (Like the one FleurDeForce has for her dogs? She talks about it in this video.) Maybe I’ll make one. Did you know I took Furniture Design in college? Now that I live closer to my Dad I should be able to sneak up there and use his tools. Beats paying $300+!

I’m going to be keeping my eye out on CraigsList and other type of site/places around town for a couch with a hideaway bed- but it has to be cute and comfortable!



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Favorite Fall Things Tag!

Happy Fall! I know I’m a little late on the Favorite Fall Things Tag, but, eh, whatever, it’s still fall!

What’s YOUR favorite part about fall? Leave me a comment below! 

The roses in the background look a little dead, but they were from my 4 year anniversary with Andrew! I can’t find it in myself to toss them until they are truly dead. Do you ever do that?

– Fall Beauty Faves –
1. face product
2. cheek product
3. eye product
4. lip product
5. hair product
6. fragrance / candle
7. nail polish

– Fall Fashion Faves –
1. trendy clothing item
2. comfy clothing item
3. shoes
4. accessory

– Fun Favorites –
1. Halloween or Thanksgiving?
2. Favorite festive food and/or drink
3. What’s the happiest part about fall for you?
4. Who do you tag?


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Recent Empties / Products I’ve Used Up #3 & Hello Again!!

I had no idea that my first video since Zora broke her leg would happen to coincide with the best day ever- Zora got her cast off today! (Yesterday, the 14th lol) In case you didn’t know where I disappeared to, Zora (my puppy) broke her leg 6 weeks ago and I will tell you the full story in my next video.

I can’t really believe I packed up and moved with all my trash… but I did! Haha, sometimes we all do weird things, am I right?

**SORRY FOR THAT WEIRD STILL IN THE MIDDLE AND THE UN-CUT PART WHERE I GET UP! Lol, just noticed those and don’t want to have to re-upload this- it took almost 3 hours last night to upload the first time!***

How To Dye Your Hair At Home:…

How To Shave Your Legs & Armpits!:…

Dollar Shave Club For Girls video:…

Dollar Shave Club link-

List of lipsticks behind me/in that little bag! ALL DRUGSTORE! in no particular order:

elf Rich Raspberry (Dupe for MAC Craving)
Rimmel London Kate Moss (matte, in red tube) #103 (Dupe for MAC Twig)
NYX Tea Rose
elf Flirty and Fabulous
elf Posh
elf Voodoo
elf Matte Rich Red (Dupe for NARS Dragon Girl)
Jordana Easyliner in Rock n Rose (Dupe for MAC Spice)
WnW MegaLast 966 Don’t Blink Pink
WnW MegaLast 915B Spiked With Rum ***My FAVORITE lately
WnW MegaLast 911D Stoplight Red (Dupe for MAC Ruby Woo)
WnW MegaLast 916D Ravin’ raisin
WnW MegaLast 965 Cherry Picking (Dupe for MAC Love Goddess)
WnW MegaLast 905D Smokin Hot Pink
WnW MegaLast 919B Vamp It Up (Dupe for MAC Cyber)
WnW MegaLast 908C Sugar Plum Fairy (Dupe for MAC Rebel)
WnW 99 cent ones- 508A Black Orchid
and WnW 522A Dark Wine

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