Top 10 Favorite Makeup Brushes

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Top 10 Favorite Makeup Brushes of all time! (ANNND they are all SUPER affordable! yay!)

Top 10 Favorite Makeup Brushes of all time!

So around the end of 2013 I had a very unfortunate incident where a ton of my makeup brushes were knocked into the open toilet in a joint effort of my then-housemate and my cat. :/ You can read all about that if you want too, here. So I had to go out and buy a ton of my essential brushes again.

I know what it’s like- it’s intimidating! It was right after Christmas and I couldn’t afford to spend a few hundred on new brushes. My budget was around $50. The first set I bought was the “Sigma” set from eBay, and those are amazing! I love and use all the kabuki brushes. Then I wanted a blush brush and I again turned to eBay for a knock off Real Techniques blush brush. It was all that I was looking for and more! But I was still missing eye brushes, so I went to WalMart and bought the ecoTools set, and also ordered the 11 Piece brush set from elf. And wa-lah. I had a pretty kickin brush collection again, for so cheap! I caught the elf set on a super sale, so managed to grab it for a whopping $15. I grabbed a few more $1 crease brushes from elf as well, and a $3 set off Amazon for just a couple more foundation brushes. I try SO hard not to use those when they’re dirty so I like to have enough to get me through the week without needing to wash any!

What are your favorite makeup brushes?

"Real Techniques" type buffing brush

1. “Real Techniques” type buffing brush from amazon- 3 brushes for $3!

"Sigma" type F82 rounded kabuki from ebay
2. “Sigma” type F82 rounded kabuki from ebay (similar listing, now in fun colors! or buy the whole set from amazon

"Real Techniques" blush brush from ebay
3. “Real Techniques” blush brush from ebay or the real one from amazon:

elf studio blush brush
4. elf studio blush brush or on amazon

elf studio complexion brush
5. elf studio complexion brush or on amazon

ecoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set
6/7. ecoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set- or on amazon:

elf small angled brush
8. elf small angled brush or on amazon

"Sigma P86 precision tapered" from ebay
You can clearly see I am in love with this little baby!

9. “Sigma P86 precision tapered” from ebay: (similar listing, now in fun colors! or the whole set from amazon

elf $1 professional blending eye brush
10. elf $1 professional blending eye brush: or on amazon

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