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Hi, I’m Sarah! Lipstick Dupe is a blog all about budget beauty and helping you find alternatives to more pricey brands. What’s a dupe? A ‘dupe’ is a duplicate; a product that is similar in color, texture, or performance.

I’ve been obsessed with beauty since I was 12 or so- my sister had a purse that was always full of makeup and we would spend hours giving each other makeovers. My first job was at a Rite Aid Pharmacy where I was the Head of the Beauty Department and was the one who got to open and set up all the new product displays. It was my favorite part of the job! And, of course, I got first pick of all the new shades and felt obligated to try everything out so I could tell customers whether it was good or not. If only I had a beauty blog back then!


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Unless it says so, images are made by me. I love to see them shared around the web, but please give me credit and never alter my images.

If/when I receive press samples or provide an affiliate link, I will always say so. I believe there is no shame in working with brands if you believe in their products, as long as you’re honest with your reviews/opinions. Some of the ads in the side bar are affiliate, which means if you click on them & purchase something from their site- I will receive a SMALL portion of the sale. So thank you for supporting my dream of this blog becoming my full-time job!

Dupes are known for being Similar, not exact, but it’s worth it to save $$! Look up some swatches on Google to see if you find them close enough to be acceptable to your tastes.



  • J. Hall

    I found your blog accidentally, HAPPILY today! I’ve been just sitting here reading all of your posts on every kind of makeup and/or dupe question I’ve ever had. Time well spent!! I signed on to follow you on bloglovin’. I only wish your posts could be delivered to my inbox via e-mail. I’d hate to miss one! GREAT BLOG!

    • Thank you my dear! It means SO much to me! I will be adding a subscribe my email soon and I will comment back here to let you know when!

  • olivia

    The best Lime crime dupe is found on the wish app its not legit but its seens to be the same product for $3 check it out i ordered 5 and love them almost seems like the real deal look for it under matte lipstick!