Battle of the Brands: Rimmel vs Neutrogena | Eye Makeup Remover

Battle of the Brands Neutrogena vs Rimmel

So you’re standing there in the aisle at the pharmacy, and you’re wondering which eye makeup remover will actually take off your eyeliner and mascara without having to rub and scrub? Everyone knows that the Neutrogena one is great, but then there are others who swear by L’Oreal. And more still who swear by the Rimmel one.

So, to help you out a bit, I’m starting a new series! I think I’m going to call it Battle of the Brands!

I’m going to be comparing two similar products in each video and letting you see for yourself which one is best! I hope to do this with lots of drugstore items like makeup wipes, lotions, nail polish removers, and even makeup!

We’re starting today with Rimmel Just Let It Go up against the (generic) Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover.

The Neutrogena one costs about $5.50-6.50 depending on where you buy it, and a little less than that if you buy generic. (And way less if you buy generic when it’s buy one get one free!)

The Rimmel one I’ve seen from $4-8. I think they must have just repackaged it, because it used to be a smaller bottle and wasn’t called Just Let It Go.

So what did you think? I think the Neutrogena makeup remover WON!

What do you use to remove your eye makeup?
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