Makeup Graveyard Day 3- Primers

Makeup Graveyard Day 3 Primers

I am SO glad I pre-filmed a bunch of videos! Not only do I have this class, but I ate/wore/did something that set off my hives so bad! I am COVERED. Ugh.

In this Makeup Graveyard, I sorted through primers, but since filming this I discovered the elf SPF 20 Primer is nowhere are good as the original primer, so I think I’m going to pass that along. I also tried out the undereye primer again, and I really don’t like it. My concealer only lasted 1/2 the amount of time it usually does.

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Makeup Graveyard Day Two- Powders

Makeup Graveyard Day Two- Powders via @lipstickdupe from

Makeup Graveyard Day Two- Powders

Makeup Graveyard Day Two- Powders via @lipstickdupe from lipstickdupe.comDay 2 is upon us, and I didn’t do as well on this round as I wanted. When I started, I thought that I could get rid of 6 or more, but I only got rid of 4. I’m okay with that, but I’d like to try to use up a bunch of these soon.

Do any of you to Project 10 Pan? How does it work? Do you just pick out 10 products and give yourself a date to use them up by, or are there seasonal rounds where everyone does them together?

Powders are something I used to use a TON because my skin was much more oily than it is now. Your skin really does start to change in your 20s, but for me it’s quite good! I love not being so oily, but I am a total noob at makeup for dry skin! I still get oily in the Tzone and around my nose, but everywhere else is parched.

My best tip for that kind of combination skin, by the way, is to use a heavier moisturizer on your dry patches, and a much lighter/for oily skin moisturizer on your oily parts! Same goes for face masks! Don’t put a clay mask all over your face if you don’t need it!

Anyways, on to Makeup Graveyard Day Two- Powders!

Are any of you allergic to Salicylic Acid too?  It sucks! Leave me a comment if you are too, or if you have any product review requests!


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Makeup Graveyard Day One- Foundations

Makeup Graveyard Day One Foundations and Concealers via @lipstickdupe from

Makeup Graveyard Day One- Foundations & Concealers

Makeup Graveyard Day One Foundations and Concealers via @lipstickdupe from

Who’s ready for another Makeup Graveyard series!? I am both overwhelmed by how much I have, but I also have a lot of products that are too old, a bad formula, or I just plain old don’t like it. I was only planning on doing makeup, but then I started gathering all my lotions and haircare from around the house and knew I needed to declutter those as well. For those of you who enjoy having a large collection of makeup, right on! I thought I would really enjoy it, but to be honest I feel like it stumped my makeup creativity. Every time I opened my drawers there was far too much in there, and I wound up reaching for the same products over and over and over and over again. I was in a mega makeup rut.

I decided that there would be 12 videos, and I tried to keep them as short as possible, but some are over 20 mins long! (Which is great for those who love long videos!)

(On the more personal side- I filmed all of these in one sitting but am breaking them up into 12 videos, 3 each week for 4 weeks. I just started a month long intensive class, and really need to concentrate on passing it, and then the two separate certification exams at the end! So I pre-filmed a series and really hope you all enjoy! I am going to try to post some other videos and some new dupes as well, but no promises.)

It feels so good to sit down at my vanity and know that everything in those drawers are things I like!

Do you do Makeup Graveyard / Declutter videos? I would love to watch yours!


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