The Body Needs Lip Lusters

The Body Needs Lip Luster Vampress

The wonderful husband and wife team over at The Body Needs Cosmetics were nice enough to reach out to me and ask if they could send me some of their The Body Needs Lip Lusters. And I, as the lipstick junkie I am, of course, said YES PLEASE!

They did not ask me to do any reviews or say anything nice about them, nor did they pay me in any way other then gifting these to me.

But man oh man will I say some nice things about these lip lusters!

For starters, their texture is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. They are somewhere between a lipstick and lip gloss- with the pigment of paint! You all know how hard it is for me to find any lipstick that covers the pigmentation of my lips, and as you’ll see in the lip swatches below I have no problem with these covering them perfectly! They have SO many awesome colors to choose from- pinks, oranges, metallic purples and golds! And they have swatches and lip swatches right there on their site so you don’t even have to guess what the color looks like.

And the best thing about these Lip Lusters are that they are cruelty free and only $2.79 each! There are also a ton on clearance for only $.99! Shop Here!

And for me, personally, the best part is I can wear them because they have no weird chemicals in them! Woooo!

The Body Needs Lip Luster Lip Swatches:

**Click on any name to be taken to the listing!**

The Body Needs Lip Luster Marilyn Marilyn

The Body Needs Lip Luster CoralberryCoralberry

The Body Needs Lip Luster SpriteSprite

The Body Needs Lip Luster HeartfeltIMG_20150729_130548Heartfelt

The Body Needs Lip Luster VampressVampress

The Body Needs Lip Luster Victoria's RoseVictoria’s Rose

The Body Needs Lip Luster Bitch, PleaseBitch, Please

The Body Needs Lip Luster Wanton BerriesWonton Berries

The Body Needs Lip Luster Tokyo PinkTokyo Pink (Close dupe for MAC’s St. Germain!)

The Body Needs Lip Lusters KarmaKarma (The perfect My-Lips-But-Better color!)

See? I told you they were pigmented! I am also quite enamored with their adorable names! (Bitch, Please might be my fav name!) Karma and Wonton Berries are my favorite shades, but the fun purples are awesome too! I would recommend a lip liner with these, and because of the lip gloss like texture you will need to take the tube with you when you leave the house for touch ups.

The Body Needs also sells MAC lipstick samples in case you want to try out a color before you buy it or you just want a smaller size due to budgets, they are a great resource!

They included a couple mineral eyeshadow and blush samples, and I am in love with them as well. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

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First Impressions | Dollar Tree Physicians Formula

First Impressions | Dollar Tree Physicians Formula

Hi all! First and foremost: This is my 100th post! Ahhh! Thank you all for making this possible!

So a couple weeks ago I found some Physicians Formula makeup at the Dollar Tree (watch the haul!) and I was simply over the moon. I have seen so many people find their makeup at the Dollar Tree but I had no luck. They were putting them out on the shelves as I passed by that aisle, and I quickly swooped in and grabbed one of each thing I saw.


First Impressions | Dollar Tree Physicians Formula Physicians Formula  Retro Glow Mosaic Powder in Translucent Glow (B+)
Physicians Formula  Happy Booster Blush/Bronzer in Bronze Rose (A-)
Physicians Formula  Organics Wear Face Sculpting Trio (F-)
Physicians Formula  Shimmer Strips in Smokey Hazel Eyes (C)

So I was really surprised how much these suck. They are brand name, but Physicians Formula repackaged these into really, really crappy packaging. So bad I don’t even know if I will keep them! They feel so cheap, and don’t even say the brand name or the shade name (or ANYTHING) on them, so good luck remembering what they are.

The Shimmer Strips almost broke my fingernail each time I opened it. I was playing with the shades the other day and when I opened it- the lid flew across the room and cracked. What.

Then there was the Organics Wear Sculpting Trio- SO BAD! No matter what I did I could not get any product to come off- even when I scratched it with my fingernail! When I pressed really hard I was able to get some on my finger but when I swatched it on my hand it came off chunky and greasy and weird.

The two winners were the Happy Booster blush and the Retro Glow powder. The bronzer is VERY sheer though, so if you don’t like that I wouldn’t recommend it. I haven’t tested the powder enough to tell if it is a good powder, but it at least swatched pretty on my hand.

The long and the short of it is that I will never buy Physicians Formula products at the Dollar Tree ever again. (Unless it is in real packaging!) I’m just going to wait for a buy one get one free or a 40% off sale at the drugstore.

Have you bought any brand name items from the Dollar Tree? How were they?

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elf Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil- Review

elf Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil

Hi lovelies! Here’s a quick look at elf’s new $2 Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil!

The elf website says “This slim mechanical pencil shapes, defines, and fills in brows for a natural, polished look. The dual-sided design applies color with the fine tip liner on one side and tames and combs brows with the other to create natural and defined-looking eyebrows.”

elf Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil via @lipstickdupe from

We will see! I’ve been using it daily and I am still just ‘meh’ about it. I wish it had some sort of a sharpener, because now it’s more like an eyebrow crayon. I do love the spoolie and how it can feather out the product in your eyebrow.

elf Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil Swatches

Link to elf page: (non-aff)
It comes in Taupe, Neutral Brown, and Deep Brown.

I still like their Studio Eyebrow kit much better, and it’s only $1 more!
This kit comes in 4 colors- Ash, Light, Medium, and Dark and has a gel/wax on one side and a matching powder on the other.


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Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner Review

Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner Review

The new elf Studio Intense Ink Eyeliner is a great little felt tip pen! It’s tip wasn’t as fine as I’d like it to be, and it wasn’t as black as I’d hoped for.

Elf Studio Intense Ink Eyeliner

The elf site says:

This quick-dry formula instantly enhances the lash line with rich and long-lasting color. The felt tip pen allows you to create a sleek or bold line with complete precision. It glides on smoothly without smudging, feathering, or running!
While I agree that it dries quickly and definitely does not smudge, I don’t agree with the precision. (Which is what I look for most in an eyeliner)

Elf Studio Intense Ink Eyeliner Swatches

You can see from the swatches here that you can really play around with the thickness of the line. What you can’t see is that when you are pressing just the tip, the tip bends and deposits product further down the tip. (I show you in the video.)

You get very pigmented swatches, but I don’t feel like it came across as black on my eyes. Not as black as say a gel eyeliner.

Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner Review

Buy it from elf!



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Cheap Acrylic Lipstick Organizer

Cheap Acrylic Lipstick Organizer via

Today I wanted to show you my new Cheap Acrylic Lipstick Organizer!

Hi loves! I am so in love with my new lipstick holder! I’ve always assumed that these are super expensive, so never looked into buying one until now! I got so sick of having all of my lipstick loose in a drawer, or in little containers scattered around my vanity. Those adorable little metal containers from the Target Dollar Spot are SO cute and I probably have 10 different styles by now… But they aren’t perfect for lipsticks. (I love to use those for my makeup brushes though)

Cheap Acrylic Lipstick Organizer
Cheap Acrylic Lipstick Organizer- SO PERFECT!

I was browsing on Amazon for desk organizers, and this popped up in the little related products thingy. It totally drew me in because it said it was only $3.81! Talk about cheap! I put the Cheap Acrylic Lipstick Organizer in my cart and was checking out- and wouldn’t you know it? It shipped from Hong Kong. I was really disappointed and sure that the one from Amazon Prime was going to be $10+…

But it was only $5.43!

So I ordered it and here it is! I am in love!

Buy yourself a cheap acrylic lipstick organizer here!

If you don’t want to use my Aff link- click this link instead!

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New Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks | Review & Demo

Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick

NEW! Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks!

I saw these on Instagram a few days ago, so naturally I grabbed my purse and keys and ran to Walgreens to buy them. I always go to Walgreens when there are new products out, because they have dedicated beauty employees whose job it is to get them out on the floor asap. I worked at Rite Aid in high school and was their ‘beauty department manager,’ but I rarely had dedicated time to work on getting new displays out.

I found the display (and also the new Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvets!) but it was already pretty picked over. The display only had 2 of each color, and there were only a few colors left. I grabbed 08 Matte It Girl, and 12 Matte Style. Matte It Girl is a really pretty purplish pink, and Matte Style is a stunning blue based red.

Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick 08 Matte It Girl Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick Swatches Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick 12 Matte Style(Top: 08 Matte It Girl, Middle: Swatches, Bottom: 12 Matte Style)

I give these new Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks a solid B+. They dried out my lips a lot (think cracking and peeling) but other YouTubers have said they find them nice and not drying at all. (See what HollieEatsLipstick has to say about them) The pigmentation is amazing and they go on so smoothly! If you reapply after a few hours, the first layer doesn’t ball up or anything on you.

I still like my Wet n Wild MegaLast matte lipsticks better, but those are really hard to beat mainly because they are dupes for so many popular MAC shades. They stay all day and you can vary how you wear them- stain, full color, or glossy with lipgloss over them.  See my post on Wet N Wild Dupes here.

Have you tried the new Jordana Modern Matte lipstick yet? Did you like them? What colors did you grab?

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Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014

I got this on Christmas Eve, but only got around to filming the unboxing recently because, you know, Christmas.

Walmart launched their sample boxes earlier this year, and they are FREE! You just pay $5 for shipping! I was really excited when I saw it, and signed up, and figured you might want to sign up too, so here is a link to the walmart beauty box sign up form. (I’m not affiliated with Walmart- it’s just a link to save you from Googling it!)

So far there has been a full sized lip product and a shampoo/conditioner sample in each box, as well as a host of other things.

Here’s a mini version of the video, or there’s a full video further down!

Got my Winter Walmart sample beauty box!! @walmart #beautybox #winter #winterwalmart #walmartbeautybox

A post shared by Sarah Williams (@sarahlovescoffee) on

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014

I loved the shampoo and conditioner, the Dove Oxygen ones, in the last Walmart Beauty Box much more than the ones in this box by L’Oreal. I’m really, really excited to finally try the Jergens BB Body lotion, and equally excited about the Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder. I’m a little upset that the coupon for it already expired tho- they only gave you one week to use it and it was Christmas!

What subscription boxes do you get? Which one is your favorite?


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Wet n Wild New Packaging & Formula 2015

Wet N Wild New Formula and Packaging

Wet N Wild New 2015

Wet N Wild just launched a newly reformulated and newly packages version of most of their 99 cent products! They are supposed to launch in FEBRUARY, but I found them at my local Walgreen’s already! (So you might not be able to find them yet!) It’s a weird floor stand in the middle of the beauty department, but I’ve also seen photos on Instagram of it being a small display with just the eyeliners and nail polishes.

From what I remember in the display, they redid their 99 cent eyeliners, the nail polishes, and then lipsticks. NouveauCheap has a post with what shades are new and what shades of the old line that are being discontinued.  They are also adding some items or reformulating some from the Fergie line, but none of that stuff has really ever caught my eye.

The new formulation of the lipstick is AMAZING! It’s probably the best reformulation I’ve seen from Wet n Wild, ever. They go on much smoother and with much more color payoff, and so far have worn pretty well. I can’t compare them to the matte ones, because those are so different they are in a whole different world. But I can say that they stay much longer than the old formula, and might have just overtaken the elf Mineral Lipsticks as my favorite drugstore creamsheen.

I’ve done my nails a few times with the new formula for the nail polish, and I’ve got to say I’m not as impressed. They are now SUPER thick. I am going to go back and pick up a few more to see if it’s just the bottle I have or not, but it’s hard to apply and takes forever to dry because of how thick and goopy it is. They color payoff is amazing, and I honestly probably could have gotten away with just one coat. (Which would dramatically decrease the amount of time I have to sit here watching House on Netflix waiting for my nails to dry.) The shade I have is 487E Grape Minds Think Alike and it’s a really pretty berry-purple. The matte top coat isn’t the MOST amazing matte out there, but it certainly beats all the ones I’ve tried from the drugstore so far!


Have you picked anything up from Wet N Wild New 2015’s line? How do you like the lipsticks now?



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