Declutter #2 Skincare & Haircare | Makeup Graveyard

New video is live!

I cleaned out so many products that I just don’t use or are expired that have been cluttering up my beauty space. I don’t really have a room, it’s just spread out everywhere. Seriously, I had to go through like 5 different spots this stuff was hiding and I am still sure I missed a stash somewhere!

Now that it is cleaned out I will finally condense it all and that is going to feel so good!


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Empties – End of Sept

Holy crap there was a lot more in here than I thought there was! I promise I will get better about doing more of these that are shorter!

Empties Mentioned, in order of appearance:

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water –
Secret Outlast Unscented –
Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Mask –
Bath & Body Works Endless Weekend Body Wash –
Target Loofa –
Bath & Body Works Watermelon Lemonade Body Wash –
You Are Amazing Hello Beautiful Skin Lotion in Vanilla Bean –
Salon Selectives Extreme Corrective Hair Treatment –
Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Creme Rinse –
Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini Body Cream –
Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffle –
Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin –
Dollar Shave Club Razors ($6 pack) –
Crest 3D Crest White Sensitivity –
Crest 3D Radiant Mint –
Plackers Flossers –
Shea Moisture Sacha Inchi Oil Body Lotion –
Shea Moisture Sacha Inchi Oil Body Wash –
Red Flower Reviving Face Towelette –
Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner –
Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Face Wipes –
Clean Energy Patch –
7 Wonders Mediterranean Olive Brightening Sheet Mask –
Freemans Feeling Beautiful Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask –
Target Cotton Rounds –
Swispers Cotton Rounds –
Bonnie Mugwort & Honey Mask
Balanced Guru Face It Lightly Facial Cleanser –
Real Chemistry Luminous Chemical Peel –
Agave Healing Oil –
NYX HD Concealer (shade 2) –
Avon Mega Effects Liquid Liner –
L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation –


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Dollar Tree Makeup Wipes Review | Rant

Dollar Tree Makeup Wipes Review/Rant

Ok, so you know how there’s that saying that you can’t believe everything you hear on the internet? Well, someone in a Dollar Tree video said the Dollar Tree Exfoliating face wipes were good….

Let’s just say I disagree. These are made from plastic. These feel like a cross between a scouring pad, and an actual pad.

Dollar Tree Makeup Wipes Review & Rant

(Warning: I swear. Sorry.)

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Makeup Graveyard Day 5- Eyeshadows

Makeup Graveyard Day 5- Eyeshadows

Oh the hives. I had to leave class Thursday because I could feel them popping up all over my body. I went home and took a Benedryl and a Claritin, and thought I could just sleep it off, but I couldn’t. I called my Doctor to tell her what was going on and she wanted me to go do more blood work (food allergy tests as well as things like checking my liver and my thyroids). I had to go get my blood drawn and it took forever, but the nurse was SO nice and was so gentle.

I have a Doctors appointment on Wednesday to talk about the test results and to have my first allergy immunotherapy shot. She is also calling in two other doctors from another location to come consult on my rash/hives/etc.

Wee. Any of you suffering from hives too? They suck.

Anyways- Makeup Graveyard Day 5- Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow I got rid of:

  • BH Cosmetics sampler
  • Elf Single Shadows in Dusk, Driftwood, and Pink Ice
  • Physician’s Formula Dollar Tree Shimmer Strips
  • Elf Smudge pot in Ain’t That Sweet
  • Avon Cream Eyeshadow Trios (2)
  • Elf Waterproof Eye Crayon
  • Elf Mineral Eye Primer
  • Elf Beauty Book- Geometiric
  • Wet N Wild Single Sellout

I’ve also have a Dollar Tree Haul going live today! Oh my goodness, they have SUCH good stuff for summer!

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Makeup Graveyard Day 3- Primers

Makeup Graveyard Day 3 Primers

I am SO glad I pre-filmed a bunch of videos! Not only do I have this class, but I ate/wore/did something that set off my hives so bad! I am COVERED. Ugh.

In this Makeup Graveyard, I sorted through primers, but since filming this I discovered the elf SPF 20 Primer is nowhere are good as the original primer, so I think I’m going to pass that along. I also tried out the undereye primer again, and I really don’t like it. My concealer only lasted 1/2 the amount of time it usually does.

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Collective Haul! April 2015 |Dollar Tree, Target & more!

Collective Haul April 2015 Dollar Tree, Target, Walgreens, and Rite Aid!

This week I wound up returning a bunch of stuff I didn’t like, and getting new things to try! Also, the Dollar Tree happened again because I needed wrapping paper…. and who can only buy what you NEED there?! It’s like going into Sephora, you always leave with more!

I finally found a foundation that matches me right now, in between my awkward I-haven’t-seen-the-sun-in-months stage and the equally awkward I-sunburnt-my-forehead-because-I-forgot-sunscreen-was-a-thing stage. Gotta love Spring! And of course, now it’s raining again. Go figure.

I am so unbelievably happy I found the new Silver Lake collection from Wet N Wild that had more than just the California Roll palette left! They had the blues, the pinks, and the purples left. I was really hoping to grab the nudes too, but it was the only one that was sold out.

I thought since I didn’t swatch them on camera, I’d take some photos for you here!

Wet n Wild Thrift Store Chic Swatches Wet n Wild Petal Pusher Swatches Wet n Wild Nutty Swatch Lipstick Swatches Wet N Wild Wine Room Jordana Rock n Rouge Jordana Honey Love

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NEW Dollar Shave Club Boogie’s Hair Products

Dollar Shave Club Boogie's Hair Products via @lipstickdupe from

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This post is for two groups: My male readers, and my female readers with a close man friend that they would love to smell absolutely heavenly!

Dollar Shave Club was nice enough to send me all 5 of their NEW Boogie’s hair styling products! It came as a total surprise! They have 5 new hair styling gels, clays, and creams that all smell like the perfect man.  I’m not even kidding, for the last week I’ve kept the Hair Clay on my desk so I can smell it whenever I want!

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST! But, if you use My Link, I get $5 in credit with them to buy more razors! If you don’t want to use my link, then Google Dollar Shave Club and you will find them.

Dollar Shave Club Boogie’s Hair Products:

Products in order of appearance:

Boogie’s Casual Hair Clay- High Hold, Matte Finish ($10 for 2 oz)

Boogie’s True Hair Fiber- Medium Hold, Matte Finish ($10 for 2 oz)

Boogie’s Smart Hair Paste- Medium Hold, Low Shine ($10 for 3.4 oz)

Boogie’s Dream Hair Cream- Low Hold, Low Shine ($10 for 3.4 oz)

Boogie’s Bold Hair Gel- High Hold, High Shine ($10 for 5.5 oz, $7 for 3.4 oz)

So far my boyfriend is loving the Bold Hair Gel! Which one sounds best for you? (Or your man?)
Dollar Shave Club razors (I like the $6/month pack that comes with 4 razor cartridges)
Dollar Shave Club Video:
How To Shave Video:

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March 2015 Favorites & UNFavorites

March 2015 Favorites and UNFavorites

A $1 hair mask that is saving my hair?

Chocolate Wine that actually tastes good?

Kleenex that let you cry for weeks on end without stealing the skin of your nose?

All things I talk about in this Favorites and UNFavorites!

Rest In Paradise, Eric. I will see you again someday.

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The Onesie Life & Haul! I’m Allergic to PRESSURE?!

Oh lord, where do I even start?! I went to the allergist and I am allergic to pressure?! Like, physical pressure. Wut.

So here’s a video if you want to hear me ramble, or if not, skip below to read a bit!

So yeah. Me and my onesie for LIFE!

I am trying to be optimistic about it, but it sucks. I’m a jeans and tshirt kind of girl. (or I guess I used to be one!)

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