DIY Body Wash From Bar Soap!

DIY Body Wash From Bar Soap!

Good morning! Today we’re making body wash/liquid hand soap! I’ve been meticulously going through my whole house getting rid of propylene gylcol (one of my allergies), and the only places it is left are my hand soap, dish soap, and my toothpaste. I’ve been working on finding a good toothpaste, our new house will have a dishwasher, and today I’m conquering the hand soap!

I’m also going to be using it as a super gentle body wash, because when you have been using body wash for 10 years, it’s tough to go back to bar soap! It’s hard to get enough bar soap onto your luffa!

DIY Body Wash From Bar Soap!

It took about 24 hours hours from start to finish, but the actual hands on time was about 15-20 mins, and I was filming too so it probably takes even less time.

Bar Soap Into Liquid Soap Steps:

  1. Buy a bar of soap that is chemical free! I love Yardley’s soaps, so chose the Cocoa Butter one because it smells really good. I think I will go with another smell next time tho, because once this was all said and done it hardly smells at all.
  2. Grate your bar of soap by hand or in food processor.
  3. Put a half gallon of water on to boil. You can use tap or purified water.
  4. Add 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil or glycerin. The bar of soap I used has glycerin in it, so I just added the coconut oil.
  5. When the water is almost to the boiling point, pop the bar soap shavings into the water and give them a good stir for 5-10 mins until they are completely dissolved.
  6. Once dissolved, set to the side overnight with a lid on.
  7. Whip, Whip, Whip. This would have been seriously easier if I just popped it all into my blender. If you have an immersion blender, use that, or just a regular electric hand mixer.
  8. Pour into containers and dance a little jig!
DIY Body Wash From Bar Soap!
It made SO much soap!!

Lessons learned:

  • I probably should have cooked/stirred it for longer. I found a couple of chunks in the bottom.
  • Add more water! I only used half gallon, but it is SO thick that I wish I had reheated it and added more water or something.
  • Don’t use the cocoa butter scent ever again. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me nauseous.
  • Buy yourself a fucking funnel, Sarah. You’re almost 25 and you don’t own one? What is wrong with you?! LOL!

And there we are! I’ve used it a handful of times (pun intended) and you need about 2 pumps in order to wash your hands well, and the texture is… interesting. It slips off you hand rather quickly.

I think I will redo a batch with a more fragrant soap for body wash tho, but I will be using the same method. I saw an organic chemical free bar of soap at Marshalls the other day, and it smelled JUST like The Body Shop Papaya body wash that I love so much! I think a nice citrus would be really nice too!

Any advice for a newbie soap maker? comment below if you do!