Empties Number Four

These are seriously some of my all time favorite videos to watch. The idea is that if you used the entire product up then you have a pretty damn good idea on if you liked it, hated it, if you can’t live without it, or if it was really nothing special.

So often I see people review products after using them just once or twice (which I’m guilty of, I know) and I feel like you can’t really get a good idea of what a product is like until you’ve been using it for a while. Unless it’s nail polish, then you know right away lol.

My boyfriend gets really confused when I ask him to not throw away things because I am saving them for a video. I get it, it’s weird to hoard your trash. BUT! It is so satisfying to throw it all away in one big toss at the end!

If you have filmed an empties video recently, I’d love for you to leave a link in the comments below!

Links: Dollar Shave Club Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iet1hSH7xM0

Dollar Shave Club Link: http://shaved.by/bJ988

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