First Impressions | Dollar Tree Physicians Formula

First Impressions | Dollar Tree Physicians Formula

Hi all! First and foremost: This is my 100th post! Ahhh! Thank you all for making this possible!

So a couple weeks ago I found some Physicians Formula makeup at the Dollar Tree (watch the haul!) and I was simply over the moon. I have seen so many people find their makeup at the Dollar Tree but I had no luck. They were putting them out on the shelves as I passed by that aisle, and I quickly swooped in and grabbed one of each thing I saw.


First Impressions | Dollar Tree Physicians Formula Physicians Formula  Retro Glow Mosaic Powder in Translucent Glow (B+)
Physicians Formula  Happy Booster Blush/Bronzer in Bronze Rose (A-)
Physicians Formula  Organics Wear Face Sculpting Trio (F-)
Physicians Formula  Shimmer Strips in Smokey Hazel Eyes (C)

So I was really surprised how much these suck. They are brand name, but Physicians Formula repackaged these into really, really crappy packaging. So bad I don’t even know if I will keep them! They feel so cheap, and don’t even say the brand name or the shade name (or ANYTHING) on them, so good luck remembering what they are.

The Shimmer Strips almost broke my fingernail each time I opened it. I was playing with the shades the other day and when I opened it- the lid flew across the room and cracked. What.

Then there was the Organics Wear Sculpting Trio- SO BAD! No matter what I did I could not get any product to come off- even when I scratched it with my fingernail! When I pressed really hard I was able to get some on my finger but when I swatched it on my hand it came off chunky and greasy and weird.

The two winners were the Happy Booster blush and the Retro Glow powder. The bronzer is VERY sheer though, so if you don’t like that I wouldn’t recommend it. I haven’t tested the powder enough to tell if it is a good powder, but it at least swatched pretty on my hand.

The long and the short of it is that I will never buy Physicians Formula products at the Dollar Tree ever again. (Unless it is in real packaging!) I’m just going to wait for a buy one get one free or a 40% off sale at the drugstore.

Have you bought any brand name items from the Dollar Tree? How were they?

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