Grocery Outlet Wine Haul

Yeah, it’s no secret I love wine. And Tequila. But most don’t realize how much I pay! $43.80 for 9 bottles of wine, a bottle of tequila, and margarita mix! (Full price should have been $150!)

Trago Tequila $9.99/$48
Nina’s Ultimate Margarita Mix $2.99/$7
The Chocolate Shop (chocolate wine) $6.99/$15.99
The Show (Pinot Noir) $2.99/$10.99
Pick Me (Oregon White) $2.99/$7
Delish California Sauvignon Blanc $2.99/$12.99
Mirassou Riesling $2.99/$9
Ziobaffa Pinot Grigio $2.99/$15
MeadowSweet Rose $2.99/$6-9.99
Two Tone Farm Pinot Noir $2.99/$6-11
Two Tone Farm Zinfandel $2.99/$6-11