GRWM & The Onesie Life Update!

GRWM and The Onesie Life Update

Hello beauties!

First, let me just start by saying I wouldn’t wish this rash on my worst enemy. Every time I put on clothes it comes back and stays for weeks/months. I wore a bra and jeans to my school orientation and to two doctors appointments- a total of maybe 8 hours spread out over three days- and BAMM: Rash.

I had been 100% rash free for the first time in years for FOUR DAYS two weeks ago, and it was heaven. But then it came back, with a friggin’ vengeance! I went back to the dermatologist and we tried an anti-yeast pill and creme, but those didn’t do anything but make it worse.

I went back in on Wednesday the 21st. He was out of appointments, but I needed to see him so he let me wait around until he could squeeze me in- almost two hours of waiting. He decided to do something totally wonky and decided to freeze each little sore in the rash.

Did you hear me? He took liquid nitrogen and froze each. individual. sore. That’s like 200 little scaby-sores that he froze off.

It seems to have gotten a little better (it’s Friday now) but I don’t have my hopes up…

If you’ve ever dealt with something like this, I could really use some advice and some cheering up!

Onto the GRWM!

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