Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Esty Finds!

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Lipstick Obsessed

Good morning darlings! Are you ready for day 2 of the best Holiday Gift Guide 2014 ever!?

I’m super curious, how much do you love Etsy? Are you an avid browser (like me) or an avid shopper? Do you own a shop yourself? If you do, leave it in the comments and I will browse & pin sometime from your store to my Etsy Finds! board on Pinterest! 

I love supporting small businesses, especially those on Etsy because I love crafting and would love to be able to make a living selling what I made! Good luck all y’all Etsy shop owners!


Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Beauty

30 Mini Glitter Soap Kisses $25 Cucumber Melon Soap $6.5o
3 Christmas Cravings Bath Bomb $5.59 4 Mini Donut Soap $7.75 5 Heart Box Makeup Bag $12
Sushi Soap Set 3 Pack $10 7 Assorted Box of 10 Bath Bombs $15 8 Peppermint Candy Cane Lip Scrub $4.25
9 Chill Pill Soap Set (4 pieces per pack) $7.50 10 6 Pack Extra Large Bath Bomb Fizzys $13
11 Activated Charcoal Soap $6 12 Men’s Shaving Kit $25 13 30 Nail Polishes Fashion Illustration Art Print $7+

Lipstick Obsessed:

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Lipstick Obsessed

1 YSL Lipstick Phone Case (All types of phones) $25 2 Lipstick Phone Case $40 3 MAC Lipstick USB Flash Drive 16GB $40 4 Chanel Lipstick USB Flash Drive 16GB $105
5 Lipgloss Is For Beginners $16.50 6 I Have Way More Makeup At Home $16.507 My Lipstick Is Redder Than Your Lipstick $16.50
Red Lipstick Print 4x6in Glossy Paper $3.50 Lipstick Is a Girl’s Best Friend Print $13
10 30 Lipsticks Fashion Illustration Art Print $7+ 11 On a Bad Day There’s Always Lipstick $16+


Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Kids Gifts

1 Frozen Inspired Bows 10-Pack $20 (Cheyenne is a personal friend of mine- go show her some love! She also makes every Disney Princess, plus some ADORABLE headbands- like this holiday one or this 3 pack)
2 I’d Rather Be Naked Onsie $14 Personalized Thomas the Train Whistle Toy with Hat & Bandana $24
Indoor Snowball Fight $25 5 Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal 3/4 sleeve $14


Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Scarves

Red Deer Winter Scarf $20 Buffalo Plaid Fleece Infinity Scarf $25
Knit Infinity Scarf $38 4 Extra Chunky Infinity Scarf with leather cuff $34
5 Winter Infinity Scarf $23 5 Oversized Chunky Two Sided Knit Winter Shawl $25


Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Personalized Gifts

1 Chevron Personalized iPhone Plug Wrap & USB Band $4.50 Monogrammed Polka Dot Flannel Pajama Pants $24
3 Personalized Cutting Board $44
Monogrammed Wine Bottle Stopper $7 5 Personalized Your Voice Sound Wave Print $40


Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Home

1 Hangry Flour Sack Tea Towel $12Holiday Workout Flour Sack Tea Towel $12 Funny Kitchen Art Print $7 (We Mean Not What We Say When We Are Hungry)
4 Cast Iron Bottle Opener Pick Your Color $8 Vodka Teacup $45 How adorable is this vodka teacup?!
6 BAKERS GONNA BAKE Giclee Print $14 7 You Only Live Once, Lick The Bowl Print $18


Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Food

1 Ghost Pepper Jam $7 Marzipan Brandied Cherry Chocolate Candy Truffles 16 pieces $16
3 Pure Vermont Maple Sugar Candy- 1 Pound Box $20 4 Edible Chocolate Truffle Candy Wreath $26
5 Hard Candy Emerald Green – 30 Pack $4


Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Candles

1 Ms. Betty’s Original Bad-Ass Candles – Soyphisticated Bitch $18 2 Bookstore — Book Lovers’ Scented Soy Candle $15
3 Large Black Hand Crafted Candle $40 4 Harry Potter Butterbeer Soy Candle $14
5 Candle Soy Wax Very Very Vanilla $10 Froot Loop Scented Cereal Bowl Candle $22

*All images from listings. If you own the shop and would like me to take any photo/link down, please email me at

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