It’s been about a month since I launched my sponsored ads program, and it’s time to give a shoutout to my 3 FREE ad space sponsors!

There are 12 free spots available each month, so if you’d like to be featured head on over to my Advertise page and pick the FREE “Hidden Gems” package!

My very first 3 sponsors ever:

First up: Funning Up My Life

Funning Up My Life
Funning Up My Life

Rowan has the cutest cups and water bottles, hands down. I wish I was in the UK and could get the same cups for so cheap! Here’s one of her Instagram photos:

Next up is The Life Of Leesha Starr!


The Life Of Leeshastarr
Leesha (Charlene) is a beautician with a passion for traveling, couponing, and makeup! She recently did the most adorable photoshoot with her friends (she’s the one in the pink dress):

Ain't nobody messing with my clique 👊

A photo posted by Charlene 💋 (@leeshastarr) on

And last, but not least, is Zoe’s Secret Style!

zoes_secret_style_new_blog_buttonZoe goes to a school with a uniform, so she doesn’t often get to express her style- hence the ‘secret style’ she has! She has a LOOKBOOK account and you should go check out her profile! She’s adorable and I want all of her scarves! http://lookbook.nu/user/3893982-Zoe

Her skincare routine is on point! Read all about it in her Skincare Routine post!

Ad Stats:

  • Funning Up My Life’s ad was seen over 27.9 THOUSAND times, and she still has another 15 days of adspace!
  • The Life Of Leesha Starr‘s ad was seen over 38.2 THOUSAND times, and she still has another 10 days left of adspace! That’s a lot of exposure!
  • And Zoe’s Secret Style‘s ad was seen 36.2 THOUSAND times, and she still has 11 days left!

Thanks so much ladies for participating this month!

Would you like to be featured next month, as well as have your ad on my sidebar? Head on over to my Advertise page and choose the “Hidden Gems” package for FREE, or you can pay to have a larger ad and social media coverage!


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  • Leesha Starr

    Thank you so much for giving me the chance to advertised your blog. Charlene x

    • Of course! I LOVE your red hair by the way! Stunning!