MAC Twig Lipstick Dupes!

Mac Twig Dupes! Rimmel Kate Moss and NYX

There’s a few people from Twitter looking for MAC Twig Lipstick Dupes, and I am one to oblige! Rimmel Kate Moss 103 and 104 are almost identical in color,  and to be honest MAC Twig and MAC Mehr are also nearly identical, so that is why in a previous post I say Rimmel 104 is a MAC Mehr Dupe. 

Mac Twig Lipstick Dupes! Rimmel Kate Moss and NYX

MAC Twig Lipstick Dupes:

Rimmel Kate Moss #104

Rimmel Kate Moss #103


I’ve also heard some people say that Jane Kind of Carob and Maybelline 870 Afternoon Tea were dupes, but when I looked at them I didn’t see it. Maybe they are very sheer?

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