Makeup Graveyard Day 11- SAMPLES

Makeup Graveyard day 11 samples

I know I am not the only one who has that basket somewhere in your house full of samples. 3 free with every Sephora order. Free samples with purchase. Free gift bags FULL of samples with purchase. Sample boxes. Subscription boxes that fill empty space with samples.

I try pretty hard to use up my sample stash- I keep the sample bucket on my vanity and try to set out 2-5 each week to use. But good god do those little bastards stack up!

I’m trying a new strategy of splitting up my sample bucket into smaller piles/stacks/containers- one for hair, one for lotion, one for perfumes, etc. So far it’s working really well and you will see that in action when you see my next empties video!

Do you have a mad samples stash? How do you get through them, or do they just stack up?

If this level of samples continues, I’m going to give everyone a bouquet of them for Christmas this year…

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