Makeup Graveyard- Makeup I’m Tossing

Hello & Happy Monday! This weekend I FINALLY sat down and filmed a video I’ve been trying to get around to filming for SO LONG!

This was inspired by a) moving a year ago and b) PinkSoFoxy’s Declutter Your Life series. My boyfriend and I went through a crazy decluttering of our own two years ago after reading Clutter Busting by Brooks Palmer and let so much of our stuff go to better homes. But the one thing I never got around to cleaning out was my makeup.

So when we moved last October, I sat down and pulled out all the old, expired, or never used products. I’m ashamed to admit I think I only saved about half of what I threw away back then for this video, but I think this is a pretty good sum anyways.

They’ve been sitting in a drawer waiting for me to blog or film about, and Tati of GlamLifeGuru started doing her Makeup Graveyard videos, and then Allison Anderson just did a post on her blog about clearing out her lipstick drawer… and I just needed to sit down and film it for you! (links to those at the end if you want to watch/read them)

So, what’s in your makeup graveyard?

If you do a post or a video, leave a link in the comments! I can’t wait to see them!

I know some of the swatches didn’t show up very will on camera, so here’s some more up close photos! (I didn’t edit any of the photos so hopefully the colors come across as true as possible!)


Makeup Graveyard- Wnw Lipsticks Makeup Graveyard- Wnw Lipsticks Makeup Graveyard- Wnw Lipsticks Makeup Graveyard- Lipglosses Makeup Graveyard- Lipglosses Makeup Graveyard- Lipglosses Elf Eyeshadow- Nudes Elf Eyeshadows- Brights Elf Eyeshadows LA Colors Eyeshadows LA Colors Eyeshadow Swatches Elf Cream Eyeliner- Dried Up NYC Eyeshadow Jordana Eyeshadow Primer Physicians Formula Baked Eyeshadow Elf Eye Brightening Eyeshadow Makeup Graveyard- Eye stuff Editor's Pick Eyeshadow Trio Wet n Wild Bronzer Nail Polishes

& Here’s the links to the video & blogs….

PinkSoFoxy’s Declutter Your Life series 

Tati’s videos

Allison’s blog  post

Muah! Hugs and kisses! Love you all!

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  • Dreah

    I was wondering if you knew of any dupes for Nars’ Autumn Leaves lipstick? I tried it on at the mall a few weeks back, and fell in love, but I can’t deal with the price tag.