How to Organize Your Purse


In my last video, I showed you what was in my purse when it was a big ‘ol mess. In this video, I’ll show you how I can manage to keep my purse organized- mini purses inside my big purse! It’s the only system that I’ve ever been able to keep up with, and I can change up what is in the little bags easily and quickly.

I’ve tried all sorts of strange organizational hacks to organize my purse: small purses, big purses, zip-loc bags, no purse, only a wallet, limiting the number of things in my purse to 7 (this one is impossible if you carry multiple lipsticks!), little purse inserts… You name it, I’ve tried it.

It started with the addition of one of my first ipsy bags, and then another and then I took a trip to Target and bought a bunch. I still have yet to find the perfect assortment of little purses, but I think I am getting there. Once you start organizing your purse like this, you’ll see why it is so easy to maintain.

Makeup goes in the makeup bag.

Aspirin goes back into the first aid bag.

Pens, gum, and keys are about the only thing left loose in your purse!

So without further ado- How To Organize Your Purse!

I looked up some cute little purses from Amazon in case you want to start using this method! (Affiliate, disable adblocker to see) Or you can go to Target. Or the Dollar Tree. Or Marshall’s. Or Micheal’s. You know, wherever floats your boat!

Also, in case you missed what was in my purse before I started organizing it- What’s In My Purse?

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