Makeup Graveyard Day 10 Haircare

Makeup Graveyard day 10 haircare

Good morning and happy Saturday friends!

Only 2 more videos till the end of this series! So far I haven’t had any review requests on the products I’m letting go of, so at the end of this if no one wants to see any I’m going to send it all of to my sister, my mom, my bff, or the dump. Let me know for real if you want any reviews on the old stuff!


Makeup Graveyard Day 10 Haircare

How do these things even stack up like this?! I think it’s because I don’t usually spend any time staring into the depths of under my bathroom sink… it’s scary down there! Even tho the cabinet stays clean and organized, I’ve had a phobia of under sinks since I was a kid. I think it’s because we used to have a really bad spider problem, and spiders scare the shit out of me… No joke.

How do you organize your haircare? Do you keep in under your sink or do you have an “above ground” storage system? Let me know if you’ve found a better way than under your sinks!!

Things I’m Keeping:

  • Herbal Essence Curl Boosting Mouse
  • CVS Eye Makeup Remover
  • Dove Dry Shampoo
  • Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil
  • Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover
  • Dr. Bronner’s Citrus Soap
  • elf Brush Shampoo
  • Orgaix Moroccan Oil
  • Salon Selective 3 Min Hair Therapy
  • Joico Humidity Blocker
  • Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Serum
  • Suave For Men Gel
  • Garnier Frutics Style Full Control Hair Spray


  • Zapzyt (expired)
  • WalGreens Bio Oil
  • Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen
  • Aussie Hair Insurance
  • L’Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray
  • L’Oreal Boost It Blow Out Hairspray
  • Quantum Riveting Reds Shampoo
  • Walmart Anti-Bacterial Body Wash

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Funning Up My Life
Funning Up My Life

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Next up is The Life Of Leesha Starr!


The Life Of Leeshastarr
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Ain't nobody messing with my clique 👊

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zoes_secret_style_new_blog_buttonZoe goes to a school with a uniform, so she doesn’t often get to express her style- hence the ‘secret style’ she has! She has a LOOKBOOK account and you should go check out her profile! She’s adorable and I want all of her scarves!

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Makeup Graveyard Day 9 Lotions

makeup Graveyard day 9 lotions


Does anyone else feel this way?

Good lord I need to start reading ingredients before I buy things… Some of these were gifts and some of these were samples, but most of these were impulse buys and man of man I have to stop!

In case you were wondering about the Cetaphil comment…
Why Cetaphil Is The Devil:
The Body Shop body butters are actually really good ingredients! They have one or two alcohols, but that’s about all I can complain about. On the other hand, looking at the ingredients of the Bath & Body lotions? Not so good… Don’t think I will be repurchasing anything from their Signature line anymore…

Let me know if there are any products you want me to review before I toss them!

Day One: Foundations and Concealers:

Day Two: Powders:

Day Three: Primers:

Day Four- Blush, Bronzer, Highlighters:

Day 5- Eyeshadows:

Day 6- Eyeliner & Mascara:

Day 7- Nail Polish:

Day 8- Brushes:

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Dollar Shave Club razors (I like the $6 pack)
DSC Video:…
How To Shave Video:

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Makeup Graveyard Day 8- Brushes

makeup Graveyard day 8 brushes declutter

Makeup Graveyard Day 8- Brushes!

Hello loves! Today we’re talking old brushes! I was surprised at how many I was able to let go of, but after clearing out the ones I never used, I was able to go to 2 canisters and they now fit IN a drawer… no more dog hair! Lol. Seriously, how much can one dog shed?


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Makeup Graveyard Day 7- Nail Polish

makeup Graveyard day 7 nail polish

Are you ready for day SEVEN?

Spoiler alert- there wound up being 12 videos in total… I found way more things to declutter, so this isn’t actually close to the end like I say in the video!

Makeup Graveyard Day 7- Nail Polish

The Graveyard:

  • Wet N Wild Spoiled Tip Your Waitress
  • Wet N Wild Spoiled Pick Your Poision
  • Wet N Wild Spoiled Plastic Flamingo
  • Wet N Wild Fast Dry Buffy the Violet Slayer
  • KleanColor Holo Pink
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Firm Fig
  • LA Colors in Orchid
  • LA Colors in Atomic
  • Dollar Tree Rhinestone Blue Sparkly

Polish To Repurchase/Replace:

  • Wet N Wild MegaLast Wet Cement


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Dollar Tree Haul #6 | Summer Stuff! | April 24 2015

Dollar Tree Haul 5 Summer Supplies

The urge to go back and get EVERYTHING is intense. I love decorating for summer, and we finally have a back yard/patio and I want to make it super cheery! But, I’d also like to invest in some pieces of decor/cups/etc that will last a long time and are made of materials that are labeled BPA/BPS free. I do really want a couple of those coconuts cups tho… too cute, and would keep the bugs out of your drink!

I did go back and get 5 more food tents (for $1? Hell yes I’m stocking up!) and some candy, some cumin, some candy, and 5 packs of stickers that are just the cutest things in the world! Also 1 roll of washi. I wanted to get more of those microfiber mats because they are just the cutest ones I’ve ever seen, but they were all out of the patterned ones and just had solids left.

White Rain Botique Collection at the Dollar Tree

I found the White Rain Botique Collection at my Dollar Tree! Has anyone tried them? Are any of them worth it? Comment below!White Rain Botique Collections at the Dollar Tree

They had makeup remover, foot lotion, face scrub…White Rain Botique Collection at Dollar Tree

A cocoa butter lotion…White Rain Botique Collection from Dollar Tree

I think I forgot one.. lol, there are 5 in total.Adorable Summer Signs from the Dollar Tree. I grabbed that 'It's 5 o'clock Somewhere' sign! Perfect for the patioI grabbed the ‘It’s 5 O’clock somewhere’ sign and it is SO cute out on the patio! Perfect for summer BBQs! Coconut Cups from the Dollar Tree

These are the coconut cups I mentioned- SO cute! And they would keep the bugs out… I wouldn’t be surprised if I broke down and bought them next time I am at the Dollar Tree.Adorable Margarita glasses at the Dollar Tree

And lastly, these magarita glasses had flowers attached to them! How cute is that?


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Makeup Graveyard Day 6 – Eyeliner & Mascara

Makeup Graveyard day 6 Eyeliner & Mascara. Declutter with me!! via @lipstickdupe

Hi lovelies! I forgot to post the blog for this weeks video! So sorry! It has been SUPER hectic with school this week. My teacher skipped 3 chapters “that we should already know” so I’ve had to do those at home in the evenings.

Makeup Graveyard Day 6 – Eyeliner & Mascara

I can tell you right now that there are are a ton more products that I’ve been re-assessing that I didn’t get rid of that day, that I will be letting go of. I am going to do one final wrap up video at the very end of the series with all the things I also decided to let go of.

The Graveyard:

  • Wet N Wild Brow Pencil in Taupe
  • A bunch of Mariposa Eyeliners that I got off Groupon or Living Social
  • Wet N Wild (nude eyeliner) Calling Your Bluff
  • Ulta Precision Eyeliner in Carbon Black
  • Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen
  • Jordana FABuliner BOLD
  • L’Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
  • CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara
  • Wet N Wild Clear Brow Mascara

Things I’m Repurchasing/Would Repurchase:

  • Ulta Precision Eyeliner in Carbon Black
  • Jordana FABuliner BOLD
  • L’Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
  • CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara


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4 Jordana Lip Liner MAC Dupes!

MAC Nightmoth Dupe Jordana Cabernet @lipstickdupe from

I am so in love with Jordana’s lip liners. They are so creamy and pigmented- and they last me ALL day long. You can find them pretty easy too at Walgreens, Kmart, DuaneReade, and Savemart Supermarkets (which includes FoodMaxx). You can also find them at so many places online!

I’ve seen them priced between $1.99 and $3.99 depending on the store.
MAC Subculture Dupe Jordana Tawny @lipstickdupe from

MAC Redd Dupe Jordana Sedona Red @lipstickdupe from

MAC Nightmoth Dupe Jordana Cabernet @lipstickdupe from

MAC Magenta Dupe Jordana Silver Lilac

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Makeup Graveyard Day 5- Eyeshadows

Makeup Graveyard Day 5- Eyeshadows

Oh the hives. I had to leave class Thursday because I could feel them popping up all over my body. I went home and took a Benedryl and a Claritin, and thought I could just sleep it off, but I couldn’t. I called my Doctor to tell her what was going on and she wanted me to go do more blood work (food allergy tests as well as things like checking my liver and my thyroids). I had to go get my blood drawn and it took forever, but the nurse was SO nice and was so gentle.

I have a Doctors appointment on Wednesday to talk about the test results and to have my first allergy immunotherapy shot. She is also calling in two other doctors from another location to come consult on my rash/hives/etc.

Wee. Any of you suffering from hives too? They suck.

Anyways- Makeup Graveyard Day 5- Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow I got rid of:

  • BH Cosmetics sampler
  • Elf Single Shadows in Dusk, Driftwood, and Pink Ice
  • Physician’s Formula Dollar Tree Shimmer Strips
  • Elf Smudge pot in Ain’t That Sweet
  • Avon Cream Eyeshadow Trios (2)
  • Elf Waterproof Eye Crayon
  • Elf Mineral Eye Primer
  • Elf Beauty Book- Geometiric
  • Wet N Wild Single Sellout

I’ve also have a Dollar Tree Haul going live today! Oh my goodness, they have SUCH good stuff for summer!

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