Quick Dollar Tree Haul Oct 1

Some of you may know that I am a tad obsessed with the Dollar Tree. Honestly, I’m a bit obsessed with all discount stores. I’m ALL about buying the same damn thing for less!

I ran in for shits and giggles and came out with all of this. I am most excited about the acrylic trays that they finally restocked so I can finally reorganize my makeup collection! A complete overhaul is so needed right now; it is currently a huge freaking mess!

Did you know you can shop online with the Dollar Tree too? (DollarTree.com)

You have to order a box of most things, but hey if you love something it’s awesome! And if you see something you really want, but don’t have Dollar Tree near you, this is a great option!

A bunch of those wine glasses would be really cute for Thanksgiving dinner!

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  • Leigh Monichon

    Great blog! I enjoyed it, and you look gorgeous.