The Body Needs Lip Lusters

The Body Needs Lip Luster Vampress

The wonderful husband and wife team over at The Body Needs Cosmetics were nice enough to reach out to me and ask if they could send me some of their The Body Needs Lip Lusters. And I, as the lipstick junkie I am, of course, said YES PLEASE!

They did not ask me to do any reviews or say anything nice about them, nor did they pay me in any way other then gifting these to me.

But man oh man will I say some nice things about these lip lusters!

For starters, their texture is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. They are somewhere between a lipstick and lip gloss- with the pigment of paint! You all know how hard it is for me to find any lipstick that covers the pigmentation of my lips, and as you’ll see in the lip swatches below I have no problem with these covering them perfectly! They have SO many awesome colors to choose from- pinks, oranges, metallic purples and golds! And they have swatches and lip swatches right there on their site so you don’t even have to guess what the color looks like.

And the best thing about these Lip Lusters are that they are cruelty free and only $2.79 each! There are also a ton on clearance for only $.99! Shop Here!

And for me, personally, the best part is I can wear them because they have no weird chemicals in them! Woooo!

The Body Needs Lip Luster Lip Swatches:

**Click on any name to be taken to the listing!**

The Body Needs Lip Luster Marilyn Marilyn

The Body Needs Lip Luster CoralberryCoralberry

The Body Needs Lip Luster SpriteSprite

The Body Needs Lip Luster HeartfeltIMG_20150729_130548Heartfelt

The Body Needs Lip Luster VampressVampress

The Body Needs Lip Luster Victoria's RoseVictoria’s Rose

The Body Needs Lip Luster Bitch, PleaseBitch, Please

The Body Needs Lip Luster Wanton BerriesWonton Berries

The Body Needs Lip Luster Tokyo PinkTokyo Pink (Close dupe for MAC’s St. Germain!)

The Body Needs Lip Lusters KarmaKarma (The perfect My-Lips-But-Better color!)

See? I told you they were pigmented! I am also quite enamored with their adorable names! (Bitch, Please might be my fav name!) Karma and Wonton Berries are my favorite shades, but the fun purples are awesome too! I would recommend a lip liner with these, and because of the lip gloss like texture you will need to take the tube with you when you leave the house for touch ups.

The Body Needs also sells MAC lipstick samples in case you want to try out a color before you buy it or you just want a smaller size due to budgets, they are a great resource!

They included a couple mineral eyeshadow and blush samples, and I am in love with them as well. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

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