What’s In My Purse?

whats in my purse via lipstickdupe

If you’re like me, then the one question plagues you while you are out and about is what is in her purse? Large purses, small purses, tiny cell phone wallets… Even fanny packs interest me.

I used to go through my sisters purse all the time because she kept such interesting things in there. Both because she is 4 years older than me and so is always a few steps ahead of me in life, but mainly because she keeps some weird ass shit in there.

For example, I have found, on one occasion or another:

  • Taser
  • 5 lighters just in case someone steals 4 of them
  • An assortment of pens (like, all sorts, including one that shocked you)
  • Sea shells, crab claw, and/or sea anemones
  • A ceramic worm
  • Easter eggs
  • Spare keys to her old house
  • Temporary Tattoos of dragons, mermaids, etc
  • Jewelry she bought and then forgot about in there
  • Enough spare change in the bottom to actually use as a weapon in case she can’t get her taser out fast enough and needs to hit someone with it

 Do you see what I mean? Purses contain the most random things. You just have to look.

As far as things that my sister has taught me to keep in my purse that aren’t weird and are in fact genius:

  • Hand Cream
  • Notebooks
  • Sharpie
  • Extra hair ties, nail files, and nail clippers.
  • Tiny umbrella during winter
  • Swiss Army Pocket Knife with 32 tools (<—affiliate)
  • Candy/Snacks

This last one is VERY IMPORTANT. You must keep something tasty in your purse at all times. When hunger strikes, you’ll be prepared. Or PMS. Or low blood sugar. Or boredom.

What’s the weirdest or smartest thing you carry in your purse? Leave a comment below!

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